Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you apply for financing through Investree?

It is very easy to apply for Sharia Financing through Investree. Register online through the official Investree website, and we will then ask you to provide some personal details—including invoices and your company's legal documents that are still valid. Your loan application will then be assessed and selected using our credit-scoring system. Once the application is approved, your loan will be displayed in the Investree marketplace.

2. Why apply for financing through Investree?

Compared to conventional financial institutions, the application process for loans is somewhat more flexible with Investree—you get full control over funding fees, without the paperwork—and involves quicker decision making. Investree also sets ijarah on the wakalah service rendered on all financing.

3. Can all types of business apply for financing through Investree Syariah?

In order to remain true to Sharia-compliant Financing principles, not all invoices can be accepted at Investree Syariah. Invoices originating from industries such as tobacco, alcohol, prohibited substances, pork production, gambling, prostitution and non-Sharia hotels, as well as invoices from activities involving financial speculation,  do not form part of the target market for Investree Syariah.
The types of invoice we prioritize are those addressed to Payors who are large companies, for example multinational firms, institutions listed on the stock exchange, or government agencies. At a later stage, each invoice pledged will be assessed, selected, and approved according to our cutting-edge credit-scoring system.

4. I have bank accounts only at conventional banks. What happens if I want to become a Borrower for sharia financing?

After your application for financing is approved, you will automatically possess a virtual account (VA) at our partner sharia bank. The VA itself is a bank account which we provide for you to use as the designated account in the invoice issued by the Borrower to their Payor.

5. What happens if my Payor fails to settle their invoice?

If you manage to get funded through the Investree marketplace but your Payor has not yet paid their invoice, you are nonetheless contractually bound to make the repayment covering the nominal value of your financing plus the ujrah/margin to your Lender.

6. How much must be paid in fees for each financing round at Investree Syariah?

The size of the fees will depend on the specific profile of each loan case-by-case; they are set based on the credit assessment process conducted by Investree.

7. What are the required amounts and periods for financing at Investree Syariah?

Investree will facilitate Sharia Financing covering a maximum of 80% of the total invoice value or IDR.2,000,000 for each invoice.
The term for each Sharia Financing round will be tailored to the due date of the relevant invoice or a maximum of 6 months accompanied by notes on the considerations and assessment from Investree.

8. When can I get hold of my financing proceeds and make use of them?

The process of assessing, selecting, and approval by Investree will take up a maximum of 3 working days after the submission of all the required documents, followed by a 14 day offering period. If the funds are raised before the end of the 14 day period, the funds can be disbursed immediately and transferred to your account.

9. What fees do I have to pay when applying for loans via Investree?

The fees payable include the wakalah fee, the marketplace fee and the notary fee required for guarantee bonding—which may also include a penalty should any delay occur to the process. We will notify Borrowers of all charges ensuring that nothing is hidden.

10. Do I have to provide collateral in order to obtain financing at Investree Syariah?

Yes. Besides using your invoice as collateral, we will ask you to provide a backdated bank draft and a personal guarantee as additional collateral. To find out how we can help you, please send a message through Contact Us.


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