Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can provide funding on Investree?

All Indonesian citizens (WNI) aged 17 and older. The prospective lenders need to provide residential identity card (KTP) and tax identity number (NPWP) for data validation.

2. What are the minimum and maximum funding on Investree?

The minimum deposited funding on Investree is as affordable as IDR 1,000,000 in IDR 1,000,000 increments.

3. Why are restrictions imposed on the amount of funding?

Restrictions on the amounts of loan funding are in place to encourage Lenders to diversify their funding portfolios. By spreading the investments to multiple loans, you have the opportunity to reduce the risk of loss if the Borrower fails to keep up repayments or defaults.

4. What are the costs required to be able to provide funding on Investree?

Investree does not currently charge any fees from Lenders.

5. When can I collect my profits?

At the end of the funding period, you will receive a repayment containing the principal and interest in your account.

6. Is it safe to provide funding through Investree?

Yes. First of all, Investree is committed to uphold its transparent value by incorporating information about Borrowers plus the loan's terms and conditions in the Term Sheet.

Secondly, Investree will conduct assessment, selection, and approval on all prospective Borrowers along with their loan applications using the modern credit-scoring system, ensuring that only high-quality loans will be offered to Lenders.

Thirdly, for invoice financing products, Investree will only receive invoices from credible companies / institutions / agencies.

Fourthly, all funding traffic is managed tightly by Investree in cooperation with our partner banks.

Since the 31st of May 2017, Investree has registered and supervised by Financial Authory of Indonesia (OJK). This means that Investree has met the government required standards on its electronic system, risk mitigation, human resource, and other operational infrastructure to operate the business.

7. Can Lenders get access  to information on Borrowers?

Investree is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the Borrower's identity and personal data, which means only demographic and financial information will be notified to the Lender. Such information can be used to analyze the level of funding risks for the loan on offer.

8. What are the risks with lending through Investree?

While Investree takes quantifying steps to help mitigate risks during the application and loan approvals' processes, the worst 'scenario' may occur and needs to be taken into consideration. We advise you to consult a financial adviser before making any decision. The biggest risk that may occur with peer-to-peer lending is if the Lender does not receive principal funds and monthly interest due to failure of repayment.

9. What happens if the Borrower fails to keep up repayments?

To minimize the risk of default, Investree-as previously described-will conduct assessment, selection, and approval under a modern credit-scoring system against each proposed loan. Once the Lender's funds are disbursed to the Borrower, Investree will also carry out monitoring to ensure that no misuse of any funds provided takes place, and that repayments can be made on time.

If Borrower fails to keep up repayments, Investree will take immediate action to protect the Lender's interests through the disbursement of the guarantee.

10. Besides being a Lender, could I also become a Borrower?

Yes, you can.

11.  Is the interest income earned from financing loans via Investree tax free?

Interest earned by the Lender on their funding in Invoice Financing products, where the Borrower is a Limited Company (PT), is subject to tax on interest under Income Tax Article 23.

Article 23 Income Tax (PPh) refers to the tax withheld on income derived from capital, delivery of services, or gifts and rewards, other than those withheld under Income Tax Article 21.

For Lenders who earn interest on their funding in Employee Loan products, no taxes are levied on Lenders.

12. Will I be given proof of withholding tax?

Yes, you will get proof of tax withheld by the Borrower whose loan you have funded. Investree will facilitate soft copy access to any proof of tax deductions provided by  the Borrower.

13.  Who will pay my taxes? Who is obliged to pay tax on interest from financing?

In accordance with the provisions under Income Tax Article 23, any withholder of Article 23 Income Tax must be a domestic tax entity subject, where in this case the Borrower takes the form of a Limited Company.  The Borrower is therefore construed as the party under obligation to pay or to deduct tax on interest.

14. Is the withholding tax final?

No, the Article 23 Income Tax imposed on interest income is not final.

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