Getting an Employee loan has 

become much more practical now 

Access to credit facilities for employees with simple terms, a quick assessment process, and extremely competitive rates.


Enter amount ranging from

IDR 5,000,000 - IDR 50,000,000

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A1 - 0.90%

The interest and installment fees shown above are based upon a loan simulation. The loan term ranges from 3 to 12 months. The interest rate of between 0.9% to 2.2% per month, and marketplace fees of between 3% - 5%, will be determined from the results of the Investree credit-scoring system.

Whoever you are—manager, admin staff, even janitor or cleaner—everyone is entitled to a happy and decent life. But sometimes other needs suddenly appear alongside your routine daily necessities that add to your burden, especially while your financial state isn't that stable.

Worry no more, We have the solution!

Now everyone can apply for personal or employee loans through the Investree online marketplace. We offer a breakthrough solution to obtain loans for employees of companies that have partnered with Investree. In our platform you will get access to thousands of lenders that expand from Sabang to Merauke, 100% Online. Get your loan here with its simple requirements, a quick process, and competitive interest rates.

Consumer Financing Flow


“I felt quite at ease applying for a loan through Investree with its user friendly and rapid financing process. The right answer for anybody in need of help with financing. Highly recommended!”

Susi Yusniati Ardin

Associate GM Core Business Development at PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia


Why Borrow Through Investree?

It's Quick and Easy

Apply loans at anytime and anywhere.


No hidden charges and procedures. You can connect directly with our team

Reasonable Costs

Competitive Interest rates and costs, based on a modernized credit-scoring system.

How Do I Apply for Loan Through Investree?

1. Borrower Registration

The prospective borrower need to make sure that his/her employers partnered with Investree, then he/she need to register as the borrower through Investree.

2. Loan Application

The prospective borrower needs to complete the loan application and provide the required details.

3. Document Assessment

We access, select, perform credit scoring on the Borrowing's financial condition before applying the loan application.

4. Loan Offering

We offer the approved loan application to Lenders together with the Fact Sheet that outlines Investree assessment result.

5. Loan Funding

Lenders will provide funding for the loan, which will be subsequently disbursed to the Borrowers.

6. Loan Repayment

At the end of the borrowing period, We will collect the outstanding loan balance from the borrowers payroll account.

Safeguard your Credit at Investree with Digital Credit Protection
from Zurich Topas Life

Zurich Topas Life provides a sense of security and comfort to all debtors with Investree (in this case Investree Borrowers). Through Digital Credit Protection by Zurich Topas Life, each Credit Receiving Debtor shall enjoy protection against the Risk of Death. You do not  need to worry on the  risk since you will always be protected during the Insurance Period, especially in realizing the dreams of your loved ones.

Digital Credit Protection provides two types of benefits when the Borrower dies during the Insurance Period (provided these are not excluded in the Master Policy), namely:

  • Benefits in the form of payments equal to the Debtor's total loan value or to the Sum Insured, or
  • benefits in the form of payments equal to the remaining value of the debtor's loan at the time of death or to the Sum Insured shall decrease incrementally by the remainder of the loan (excluding penalties, penalties, and late interest if any).

What will you get through Digital Credit Protection?

  1. Coverage protection until you reach 70 years of age.
  2. No changes in the value of your premium throughout the Insurance Period.
  3. No additional charges other than premium fees.
  4. With a one-time only premium payment.
  5. A maximum insured sum of IDR 100 million.
  6. The proportional refund of your premiums is available if you repay the loan earlier than the term of the loan determined at the outset.
  7. Available for anyone aged 21 - 64 years with a maximum protection period of 3 years.


Find out how it works by clicking the image on the right.

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